Monday, February 18, 2019

WARNING: Probably everything you know about the peopling of the Americas is wrong.  In the USA we still teach that the first people to enter the Americas followed large animals over the Bering Land Bridge into Alaska, took advantage of the Ice-Free Corridor (which never existed, the Canadians recently discovered) passing through the ice sheets to travel south through what is Canada to what is the United States where the people headed south killing mega fauna to extinction as they traveled to South America.  These first people are called Clovis and were identified by a specific tool.  No one was supposed to be in the Americas prior to 11,700 years ago.  Based on current knowledge that's sheer poppycock!  This novel series exists as my reaction to current teaching fantasy as if it were history.  I have written fiction based on years of research to tell tales of how it might have been, based on what's known to be possible.  This is not a scientific treatise, but the stories are based on science.  If I have people eating woolly rhino and blueberries, the fossils and pollen studies place them there.  People came from Asia probably by boat long before the land bridge, though they could have taken a boat across or crossed the ice in winter;  they also may have come from Aboriginal Australia and Pacific Islands, Africa, and Europe.  DNA studies are opening understanding of early man. New sites appear in both North and South America.  Findings are fascinating!